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Avan Wynvell
First Appearance  ???
Personal Info
Gender Male
Race Half-Harbinger, Half-God
Age 603 (Chronologically)
20 (Physically)
Height 6'1"
Hair Color Dark Brown (Almost black)
Eye Color Hazel
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Family ・ Kaless Wynvell (Mother/deceased)
・ Tenebris (Father)
・ Gwynn (Uncle)
Powers/Abilities ・ Manipulate shadows
・ Create illusions
・ Telepathy
Affiliation(s) Menoetius (Former)
Aelmead Academy
Status Alive
"You think too much about the worst-case scenario, Skye. Your pessimistic thinking is downing my optimism."
— Avan Wynvell to Skye Masson

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