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Edelweiss Clan
Debut Book 4: Asphodelus
Basic Info
Clan Symbol Noble Courage
Current Head Irroris Edelweiss
Predecessor Unknown
Successor Namilli Edelweiss
Race Harbingers
Population 78 (Family Members)
103 (Servants)
Location To be announced...
Status Active

The Edelweiss Clan is a prestigious family of Harbingers in the Ortherna world. They are the most respected and admired throughout Onaleric and its members are known to be courageous, fearless, and powerful; even the servants.


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Family Members

Name Rank
Irorris Edelweiss Lord Edelweiss (Family Head)
Julianna Edelweiss Lady Edelweiss
Namilli Edelweiss Heiress
Jera Edelweiss -


Name Status
Kalena Belmont Personal Servant of Namilli Edelweiss


  • The Edelweiss flower is on the Clan's crest.
  • In the language of flowers, the small white petals of the Edelweiss plant represents daring or noble courage. The Edel in German means "nobility" and weiss means "white." The family itself appears to be a reference to the flower:
    • They are of nobility.
    • During social gatherings or public appearances, the family makes it a point for them to wear white.
    • They refuse to show weakness of any kind. They won't cry in the presence of others or complain. They also have an abundant amount of pride. So much so that they refuse to lose. But even so, to an Edelweiss, to die in battle is the most glorified death.
    • Most will try to shows acts of courage in anyway possible.
  • The majority of the Edelweiss clan believe that humans are weak, cowardly creatures. As a result they show no interest in them, looking down on them. Even the head of the family, Irorris has a strong dislike towards Humans.