Julianna Edelweiss
Chapter Debut  ???
Alias Julianna Cyclamen (Maiden Name)
Personal Info
Gender Female
Race Harbinger
Age Unknown (Chronologically)
35 (Physically)
Height 5'6"
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Bright Gold
Family ・ Irorris Edelweiss (Husband /former)
・ Isaac Crowle (Lover)
・ Jera Edelweiss (Sister-in-law)
・ Namilli Crowle (Daughter)
・ Kasy Crowle (Daughter)
Powers/Abilities Unknown
Affiliation(s) Cyclamen Clan (Former)
Edelweiss Clan (Former)
Ortherna (Former)
Status Deceased

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Irorris Edelweiss

Jera Edelweiss

Isaac Crowle

Kasy Crowle

Namilli Crowle

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  • Julianna's original surname, Cyclamen, is the name of a flower that means good-bye or resignation in the language of flowers. In this sense, it can reference her resignation from the Edelweiss Clan and Onaleric, or her "farewell" to Namilli before her death.
  • She is the only Harbinger in the story to cast out everything related to world of Onaleric, and not return later.

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