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Luna Phalloz
Full Name Luna Eugenia Commodore Phalloz
Chapter Debut  ???
Personal Info
Gender Female
Race Harbinger
Arbiter (Title)
Age 783 (Chronologically)
18 (Physically)
Height 5'7"
Hair Color Light Ash Blonde
Eye Color Gold
Family ・ Marcus Lowe (Cousin)
Powers/Abilities ・ Skilled gunman
・ Control Time
Nativus Link Kronos
Affiliation(s) Arbiters
Aelmead Academy
Status Alive
"Hmm... more data must be collected."
— One of Luna Phalloz's common quotes

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Luna is a very wise and ideological young woman, yet she can, at times, be rather cocky. Her wits seem to be almost on par with Namilli's and knows it is best not to underestimate an opponent.

She is without a doubt, a Harbinger with much potential. Luna is well-known throughout Onaleric and not just her home continent, Currum, for being one of the most powerful Harbingers as well as a genius. Despite this, she seems to be rather naive concerning some topics of conversation or objects of the human world. This causes her great confusion and makes it difficult to talk with her as she will than try to find out more about whatever they were just discussing. Her curiosity about man-made machines/objects arouses a great interest in her to the point she will dismember anything that peeks her interest. Such as one event where she dismembers a car and a clock down to every piece because she wanted to see if they worked like the ones in certain Onaleric continents.


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Namilli Crowle

Skye Masson

Miharu Kuroda

Marcus Lowe

Trev Masson

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