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Miharu Kuroda
First Appearance  ???
Personal Info
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 17
Height 5'7"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brownish-Gold
Ethnicity Japanese
Family Unknown
Affiliation(s) Ortherna
Aelmead Academy
Cinematic's Melody
Status Alive
"I don't want to be serious, I want to dance! Why? Because I'm bored senseless listening to this argument that's going absolutely nowhere!"
— Miharu Kuroda to Arist Walker

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  • Miharu's given name, Miharu, in Japanese means "to watch, stand guard; look out for" and "three springs."
  • Though Miharu is a very sociable and erratic person that'll talk to anyone, Namilli has once stated that back when they first met she was extremely shy and didn't talk much.
  • Miharu is very talented, however, it is to be mentioned that she is a TERRIBLE actor.
  • She loves plays written by Shakespeare.
  • Miharu as a slight case of Akathisia (Inability to remain still).
  • Her most prized possession is her violin.
  • She's addicted to the song, Pachelbel's Canon.
  • She has huge collections of stuffed animals, anime, manga, and random accessories.
  • Apparently, she is very skilled with technology, as she easily hacks into Taltria's main system in less than a minute, and Kalena mentions how the system is said to be heavily guarded.
  • Miharu does not care for "normal" people. Which is her definition of people who "follow the crowd."
  • A reoccurring gag in the series is that Namilli and her are always getting into trouble with Elda Rocher, where they end up having silly little hushed arguments with each other that end up insulting Ms. Rocher.
  • She has a bit of a crush on Avan Wynvell.

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