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Namilli Crowle
Alias Namilli Edelweiss (Real Name)
First Appearance  ???
Personal Info
Gender Female
Race Harbinger
Arbiter (Title)
Age 412 (Chronologically)
18 (Physically)
Height 5'6"
Hair Color Medium Auburn
Eye Color Aquamarine
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Family ・ Julianna Edelweiss (Mother/deceased)
・ Irorris Edelweiss (Father)
・ Jera Edelweiss (Aunt/deceased)
・ Mr. Robinson (Uncle/deceased)
・ Isaac Crowle (Step-Father/deceased)
・ Kasy Crowle (Younger Half-Sister/deceased)
・ Christine Robinson (Cousin)
・ Seldia Kelmer (Adopt. Younger Sister)
・ Skye Masson (Connection TBA)
Powers/Abilities ・ Create and manipulate fire
・ Turn a human into a Harbinger
Weapon(s) Nemesis, Adrasteia
Nativus Link Ignis
Affiliation(s) Arbiters
Aelmead Academy
Edelweiss Clan
Status Alive
"Now, now. You shouldn't blame her for your falling for a simple child's prank. You were, after all, the one who was absentminded enough to fall for it in the first place."
— Namilli Crowle to Roy Anderson

The main protagonist of Amaryllis. She's a powerful harbinger and the Arbiter of Ignis. For many years she has been running from Menoetius and has had many run-ins with their assassins, such as Avan Wynvell, Marcus Lowe, and Lisette Vawdrey. Namilli is vastly feared throughout Ortherna and is often referred to by many as the Maiden of Vengeance.

Physical Description

Namilli has bright aquamarine eyes and long medium auburn hair that she often wears in loose waves with long bangs swept to the left side of her face. She is an average height of 5'6" and while rather small in stature she is a lot stronger than she appears. Namilli has a fair complexion and is often described as being very beautiful and it gets her a lot of attention. She often wears very casual and sophisticated clothing and adores hats, scarves, and boots. Her voice is "absolutely beautiful and elegant sounding," according to Miharu Kuroda.


Namilli is a very kind, mature, and formal individual; showing an elegant demeanor. She is well known throughout Aelmead Academy and is often looked up to by many due to her charm and seemingly sophisticated personality. Despite her popularity among students in Aelmead, she actually prefers not to have a lot of attention focused on her. With that being said, she doesn't like to be alone either. Namilli tends to get along with most people, but even so, whenever Christine Robinson tries to pick a fight with her, regardless of it being obvious or subtle, Namilli, showing no mercy, will not hesitate to put her in her place. The reason Namilli fights back instead of being "the better person" of these constant reoccurring conflicts is most like due to the fact that she has no idea what caused Christine to have such hatred towards her, and thus refuses to be treated in such a manner. The result just ends up with Namilli trying to teach Christine not to mess with her, or even better, to "know who you're dealing with."

She is often thought by many opponents to be arrogant, but really she is just very confident in her abilities, and doesn't like to flaunt her powers. Namilli never really participates in a battle unless needed or she sees someone as an opponent that only she can deal with. This could very well just be due to her wanting to keep a low profile and doesn't want to be exposed by releasing so much power that could give away her location on weaker opponents or pointless fights. When she does get involved in a fight head-on, she at first observes the enemy's moves and abilities (If she hasn't done so prior to her interference) and then takes them out after finding their flaws and deciphering possible strategies her adversary may have thought up. Before announcing her appearance to her enemies, she often watches the battle between them and her allies from the shadows; only intervening when absolutely necessary. This is primarily because she wants her comrades to grow in strength and give them the chance to best their opponent, only saving them when she deems them unqualified to continue the fight or win. Being quite intuitive, calculating, and wise, Namilli's mind is often said to be a weapon itself; frightening Avan Wynvell a little to think that back as an assassin, she was his target. It doesn't take Namilli long for her to realize something is wrong or to even come up with a logical strategy for herself or others. She is always at least one step ahead of everyone.

Without a doubt, Namilli has proven to be a strong and fearless leader. She's an independent, ambitious, and loyal friend and ally. Namilli is one you can always depend on and has no problem standing up for what's right and asserting herself. When with her friends in Aelmead, she acts relaxed and tends to go along with Miharu Kuroda's antics while displaying a light hearted demeanor. That being said, she always tries to get make sure Miharu doesn't cause any trouble for anyone. According to Skye Masson, Namilli can be a bit of a tease, trickster, and a deadpan snarker.

It is interesting to point out that she does have a bit of a contradicting personality. Despite her being a kind and caring person, Namilli can be merciless when in battle and serious and unemotional at times when it comes to anything that regards the world of Ortherna. For the most part, it's unknown how Namilli views Ortherna, whether she hates it, or loves this world for it being her home, is not easy to deduct. But considering she has experienced only bad memories back in Ortherna, it is likely to be the former; or she just couldn't care either way. While Namilli puts on a smile and can actually be quite cheerful, she tends to hide how she truly feels in her heart. She prefers to protect her emotions and stay strong, refusing to show any form of weakness like crying or fear. Deep down, Namilli suffers greatly from her traumatic past and dealing with what she truly is. As a result of these feelings she feels withdrawn from others and like she doesn't belong anywhere. She tends to put too much pressure on herself as she tries to carry the burden she bares alone. Most evident near the middle of the story is that she craves revenge against Lucrezia Sinclair for taking everything away from her in the past.

As a harbinger, Namilli does not have any ill feelings towards humans and is actually fond of them. Most harbingers view them with indifference, hatred, or even belittle them thinking they are weak. From Namilli's view-point, they are fragile and yet despite being weak they are strong willed.


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Skye Masson

Namilli sees a great deal of potential in Skye and as such tends to test her in different situations be it delaying her rescue in a time of need or having Skye figure stuff out on her own. She often acts as a mentor figure to her, being a strict teacher and at times an encouraging comrade. Namilli does display a kind demeanor to Skye, but it isn't entirely clear at first about whether she sees her as a friend or just an ally. Skye is, however, one of the two people Namilli has become more open with than anyone else.

Avan Wynvell

Miharu Kuroda


Kalena Belmont

Arist Walker

Christine Robinson

Powers & Abilities

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Other Appearances

Namilli Crowle is planned to briefly appear/be mentioned in Ada Wylde's flashback in Amaryllis' spin-off series, The Heart of Vevridian, in which the story takes place roughly 300 years before the start of the events in Amaryllis.


  • Namilli's sword, Nemesis, is a reference to Nemesis from Greek mythology, the goddess of vengeful fate and revenge. Symbolic to her desire for revenge against Lucrezia Sinclair.
  • Skye claims that she enjoys being a deadpan snarker. As she always has some witty quips at the ready.
  • It's implied that she has trust issues, only truly relying on those that have proven their loyalty.
  • Being as fond of humans as she is and the way she describes and speaks of them, it is hinted that she may be jealous and wish to be one.
  • Despite her high intellect, she is a little naïve when it comes to human behavior.
  • She represents Ignis, the Guardian of Fire, as his Arbiter. Ignis' physical form is that of a fox, which are known to be tricksters in myths/folklore, similarly to the cunning and teasing side of Namilli's personality.
  • Namilli's character was initially planned to be male, named Thomas Mayne, and was to be Skye's love interest. However, this was scraped due to a plot change and I, the author, not wanting to write a story where the romance genre is the driving force. So Namilli was made female and a close friend of Skye instead.

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