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Name Meaning To give what is due
First Appearance Book 1: Amaryllis
Basic Info
Creator Unknown
Known User(s) Namilli Crowle
Classification Offensive, Defensive, Utility

Nemesis is a very special artifact from Ortherna. It is said to be the most powerful Arma of all and impossible to destroy. Many powerful beings and collectors covet and seek to possess it. Due to it's powerful and destructive abilities, there is an organization that has a branch that's secretly dedicated to obtaining it as a way to keep it at bay and out of the wrong hands.


Nemesis' form depends on the user's preference. While in Namilli Crowle's possession, it takes the form of an Italian fashioned rapier with a swept hilt that has a design of angelic wings on it's sides. It has quite a unique style; the blade is crimson in color and is almost see through, like glass. The hilt appears to be made from diamond and the feather's on the wing design of the hilt fades to crimson, and the handle of the hilt seems to be ruby.


Explain the Arma, Nemesis, background.


Long before the beginning of the story and even throughout it, Namilli is constantly being chased by Menoetius' assassins for being in possession of Nemesis.


  • Nemesis is from Greek mythology, the goddess of vengeful fate and revenge.
  • The appearance of the weapon is a reference to the goddess. The winged design on the hilt refers to Nemesis' wings and the sword's appearance refers to Nemesis usually being seen with a sword in hand.
  • The name, Nemesis, roughly translates to "to give what is due."

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