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Origin Ortherna, Human World
Purpose Maintain balance in the Human World and protect it from those that originate from Ortherna.
Status Active

Orions are beings that are the offspring of a Harbinger and a Human. They aren't exactly common, as Humans and Harbingers rarely cross paths.


Orions are born from one Harbinger parent and one Human. Due to the Human blood clashing with that of a Harbinger, they do possess abilities similar to Harbingers, however first generation Orions are the weaker of all descending Orions, and of course are not typically as powerful as Harbingers. Over the generations, Orions, due to the power lying dormant, building up, and being passed on during each generation, they become more and more powerful so long as the descendants are all of Orion or Harbinger race. At this point they can become quite powerful and formidable foes, surpassing a below average Harbinger in time and could even face more advance Harbingers if they have the skill. Orions tend to very protective of the Human World and will most likely attack any being from Ortherna they deem a threat. They're very rare beings, especially since most Harbingers don't like to associate with Humans. According to Arist Walker they number in the three-hundreds at most.


The first Orion decided to side with Humans and use their power against Ortherna as a means to protect the Human World. In time, this Orion gathered many others of his kind and they rebelled against Ortherna; hunting down beings of Ortherna and eventually charging with an all-out war. The end result of their actions left many casualties for the Orions, and while Ortherna didn't suffer nearly as many, the Orions did do some damage. So the Ortherna gods made a peace treaty with the entire Human realm; They would keep to Ortherna, and the Orions to the Human World. The Orions were granted permission by the Ortherna gods to exterminate any that defied the treaty, and as such, this is how they gave themselves the task of protecting the Human World by hunting down those that would dare break the treaty.


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  • Their name, Orion, is derived from a figure in Greek mythology; Orion was a giant huntsman.
  • Most Orions do not get along well with Harbingers and other Ortherna beings, given their past. Some hold grudges against them, while others might actually work together with them. Example: Arist Walker siding with Namilli Crowle and co.
  • Due to the Human blood that still flows within them, they are not immortal like those that originate from Ortherna. They do, on the other hand, age very slowly and are immune to sickness and other things that could shorten Human life since their bodies are more durable.