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Peritia Spells
Also Known As Peritia Usus
Skill of Knowledge
Origin Onaleric
Users Harbingers, Demons, Spirits, Guardians, Gods
Incompatible Humans, Orions

Peritia Spells are the basic means of exerting power and combat for Onaleric beings. They can be simple spells or extremely advanced. Only purebred species from Onaleric are capable of using these spells due to the power they possess that allows them to do so. Though certain beings are limited due to the amount of power they possess. The stronger you are, the more advanced spells you can pull off.


Below is a list of those compatible and able to wield Peritia Spells and explaining the extent of their power with them.


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They are not entirely incapable of using these spells, but they can't do anything massive. They are mostly limited to the weaker and smaller spells. More info coming soon!