This is a playlist of songs or music that I think fit the story's mood I was aiming for. I do not in anyway own the following works.

Namilli Crowle's Theme(s)

Skye Masson's Theme(s)

Avan Wynvell's Theme(s)

Miharu Kuroda's Theme(s)

Carmen Chamberlain's Theme(s)

Kalena Belmont's Theme(s)

Arist Walker's Theme(s)

Seldia Kelmer's Theme(s)

Luna Phalloz's Theme(s)

Marcus Lowe's Theme(s)


Ortherna's Theme
Flown (The Magic Place) by Julianna Barwick

Harbinger's Theme (Finding this was a happy coincidence, haha!)
The Harbinger by Julianna Barwick

Jubel (Original mix) by Klingande

Forever by Julianna Barwick

Better than Nothing by Sarah Jaffe

A New Journey by Phoenix Ash

Nocturne by Celtic Woman

The Voice of Sinnah by Fox Amoore

Dreams About The Eternity by Narsilion