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Skye Masson
First Appearance Chapter 1: Lost
Personal Info
Gender Female
Race To be announced...
Age 17 (Physically)
Height 5'6"
Hair Color Bright Red (Naturally Auburn)
Eye Color Aquamarine
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Family Alyce Masson (Foster Mother)
Jo Masson (Foster Father)
Trev Masson (Older Foster Brother)
Rickie Masson (Younger Foster Brother)
・ Namilli Crowle (Connection TBA)
Powers/Abilities ・ Immune to fire
・ More TBA
Weapon(s) Adrasteia
Affiliation(s) Ortherna
Aelmead Academy
Status Alive
"Ortherna has nothing to do with me. So don't drag me into all this, I wouldn't be of any help even if I wanted to."
— Skye Masson to Namilli Crowle, Kalena Belmont, and Miharu Kuroda

The deuteragonist of Amaryllis. She has no memory of her life ten years before she was born and awoke in the woods all alone before ending up in an orphanage and eventually being adopted into the Masson family. She transfers to Aelmead Academy early on in the series where she meets Namilli Crowle and gets dragged into the world of Ortherna.

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Namilli Crowle

Avan Wynvell

Miharu Kuroda

Kalena Belmont

Arist Walker

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  • Skye's sword Adrasteia, is based off of Greek goddess, Nemesis' roman counterpart in mythology. Adrasteia roughly translates to "the inescapable."

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